Use SEO for Online Business? This How to Analyze Your SEO Success

As one of the most widely used marketing strategies, SEO is the answer to attracting visitors looking for products or services offered through Google search engines and visiting is the best option. From the visitors who have entered into the website or online store is then generated to become a potential customer. So the more visitors that enter, the more opportunities are also to get more potential customers.

But, in a business, of course, it is needed to analyze whether the marketing strategy has done a good performance, because if not, there may be something wrong in the implementation of the marketing strategy, or maybe the marketing strategy is not suitable for use in the business. Then how to judge whether the SEO has been done a positive impact on your business? Here is one of the analytical mechanisms:

1. Position on Google page
The very first thing to do is to see if the position of your website or online store has got the best position on Google search results for the targeted keywords. The better your website positions, then it shows your SEO process is done well. The purpose of “good position” here certainly does not mean having to get position 1 on page 1 Google, because it is quite difficult to achieve. By making your website go to page 1 Google alone is good enough, as long as with keywords relevant to the business you are living.

2. Keyword optimization results
Then, a user, of course, does not go to your website with just the keyword you are looking for, is not it? It could be that the user searches with your brand directly, or with other keywords that are not the main keywords, you are optimizing. Well, this you can monitor using a free tool from Google Webmaster Tools. Here you can see what keywords a user searches on Google which then brings up your website in the search results, complete with how many times your website appears with that keyword, and how many times it clicks when it appears on the keyword being searched. The number of clicks a keyword can make, the assumption that it is the most relevant or relevant to your website. While more and number of your website appear on these keywords but get a few clicks, it may be assumed your business is irrelevant to the keyword or the meta title and description you are not attracting users to click on your website.