Tips to Choose the Best Headphone

For those of you who are looking for a headphone to buy, of course, you want to be able to choose the right one for you. So, to help you choose the right one for you, you can follow the Top 10 Best Studio Headphones Buying Guide – Yazoo Records, in the following:

1. Determine the music you are used to listen to

From the music, you often listen to you can choose the appropriate headphones for you. Simply divided into three namely jazz, rock, and electronic music. Usually, for Jazz / Acoustic / Unplugged music requires a good character staging sound and a warm voice character. In order for the live impression of the music, you listen to can be enjoyed perfectly. For rock music, it usually requires headphones with clear and punchy characters, while soundstaging need not be too detailed. For electronic music, it usually takes a headphone character with a punchy bass and high clarity because the musical instrument is dominated by sound synthesizers and bass booms.

2. Consider the Usage Time (commute / home)

You also need to choose headphones based on when the headphones you need. Whether while in the outdoor (vehicles, office, other crowds) or just for Indoor (at home). If you need the headphones outdoors, then you can choose a closed type headphones because the closed headphone model will provide isolation from outside noise. As for indoors or privacy environment, you can choose open headphone type.

3. Consider the Design

Choose a comfortable headphone design you use. You can choose headphones with in-ear or earbud type, embedded in earlobes, headphones on the ear that are right in the earlobe, or over ear headphones that cover all your ears. All depends on your convenience using it. But this design actually also provides a different sound experience. For example, the headphone in the ear that provides noise isolation from outside and deeper bass sound, headphones on the ear which gives punch and higher pressure or over ear which has more natural sound character.