Taking B1 English test: Things you must prepare

The B1 English test can be one of the most important exams that you must take in order to get the UK visa. Although this test isn’t the written one, you still have to do some preparations aside from your own study in English. Right now, the Trinity College Leeds wants to share with you some tips for the preparation before you take the B1 English exam.

Go to the exam place early

Arriving late can induce a high dose of panic on yourself. Make sure you’ve gone early in order to reach the place sooner, so you can prepare yourself mentally and catch your breath for a while.

Wear your best outfits

Wearing the wrong choice of outfits can be quite disastrous. Don’t blame the examiner if you fail the exam due to your improper outfits. Wear the best and the polite outfits of your own, and you’ll be alright.

Mind your attitude

Attitude is also the key to pass this test. Remember that this is a speaking and listening exam, so you’ll need to watch your manner well.