Know Your Mental Health, There Is The Indicator!

A person with mental stress usually feels sad or different. The sadness that appears suddenly for no apparent reason for 2 weeks or more, can be categorized as a tendency of depression. The person can also be moody and irritable. Notice when there is a rapid emotional change in a short time, such as sad and angry the next day, then changed to too happy for no reason. Early physical symptoms of mental disorders are feeling tired and limp continuously, a drastic change in weight (can rise or fall), and changes in appearance for example because it is rarely self-care. In a person with mental stress, usually found disturbances of sleep patterns and eating extreme, such as sleep continuously or even insomnia. Some mental disorders can also cause heart palpitations, nausea, headaches, and excessive sweating. If you find symptoms like this then you should immediately do therapy with us at

Behavioral changes are usually one of the most recognizable signs of mental disorder of a person. Changes in behavior can vary, but usually extreme away from the usual behavior, such as withdrawing from the crowd, ignoring obligations, or even abusing drugs and alcohol.