Simple Activity to Eliminate Stress

In these days, many people are under stress. Life pressure can come from anywhere: work, family, economic circumstances, and many others Feeling stressed or depressed can have many bad effects on life, more than you can imagine. Depressed conditions will not only cause feelings of anxiety, but can also lead to more chronic conditions such as depression, cardiovascular disorders, reduced productivity, and general quality of life.

Knowing ways to reduce stress can improve your mental state when you feel stressed. Reading is proven effective to reduce your stress. A study revealed reading can relieve stress by 68%. This is because reading will shift your focus, and instantly make your mind calmer and relaxed. Do not underestimate the power of interactions and relationships between humans, including in the affairs to reduce stress. With you following and interacting with humans, then you can find peace. Hugs are proven to stimulate the body to release more anti-stress chemical hormones in the body. Touch and gentle pressure in the form of a warm hug will make the body relax instantly as well.

Listening to music has many positive effects on the body and health. Associated with stress, proper music can lower blood pressure, make the body so relax, and calm the mind. The music you hear can be anything to your taste, as long as you can sing along and enjoy the song. Warm bath water is also one of the fun ways to deal with stress. Why? Because this activity will calm the state of psychology and make the nerves and tissues in the body become more relaxed.