Diabetes Will Cause These Diseases

Diabetes is a disease that is often avoided by many people. Diabetes that is very severe usually requires serious handling because it can not be handled with simple handling. You can visit the website Obat Herbal to get the handling and the right solution for diabetes that you suffer.

It is not without cause because diabetes suffered by a person will greatly affect the health of their bodies. There are several other diseases that will occur if you have diabetes, some of these diseases are

1. Heart Disease
If blood sugar levels are not controlled properly, then the threat of heart disease will always lurk diabetics. This disease will cause the chest to feel pain due to narrowing of blood vessels in the heart.

2. Kidney Damage
When the blood sugar level is too high, it can cause tissue damage that functions as a small sieve. If the condition of diabetes is getting worse, it could be the cause of kidney failure that requires transplantation and dialysis process regularly.