Tips on Choosing a Child School Bag

Compared to a sling bag, research shows that a backpack is still better for your child. Because it can divide the load on both shoulders of the child. However, still, if too much back pain can haunt your child. Therefore, it is important for you to know what the limit of school bag loads are safe, and which school bags are good for children’s health. When school time is over, remember and practice some of the things below. So that children avoid back pain. Get the best bag by visiting our bag manufacturer website.

– Select backpack
Again, avoid a sling bag. Why? Because the use of a sling bag makes the load only rests on one side of the shoulder, so it is not balanced. Make the shoulders interested, and trigger neck pain, shoulders, back. Instead, the backpack will divide the load onto both backs.

– Use a wheeled baga
In addition to regular backpacks, you can also choose a wheeled backpack so it can facilitate the baby to carry the bag. However, make sure first that your child does not need to go through the stairs to get to his class. Due to the use of a wheeled school bag and lifting it on the way up the stairs can also trigger back pain.